Should you throw a party at home or Pretend Play?

As parents, we want to “save money” and have a birthday party at our houses rather than rent a facility.
But then, we spend anywhere from $250-$550 on our parties without realizing it.  We spend money on: food, dessert, plates (big and small), cutlery, table covers, decorations!, balloons, activities/entertainment (bounce houses, characters, etc), and many other things ( hidden costs! ) that come with the territory of a party-ready home.

On top of ALL of that, you may need to contact bakers, planners, rentals, etc.
And you will probably shop at about 4 different retailers before you find everything you need: party stores, markets, etc.

AND don’t forget the cleaning, preparation, assembling, hosting, and post-party clean-up.

I think because you don’t usually add up all of the individual transactions (and minutes) that you pour into a party, you may think that you are saving a bundle.

But, that’s probably not the case.

So, let us do the work for you!

We now have Party Package’s from our favorite graphic designer Lauren Haddox Designs that are Birthday-themed to your color scheme.

Here is a PINK AND GREEN theme that will detail what we now provide in our ultimate party packages:

We provide the banner, framed decor, cupcake stand, cupcakes, cupcake toppers, and accents as pictured above.


We provide the waters and capri suns with themed accents!


We provide a birthday-themed gifts Sign that is placed on the cart that tells your guests where to place their gifts that our party assistants will unload onto the stage for present time.


We provide the sugar cookie party favors with either the initial of the birthday child or the age that they are turning on their birthday.  And we will decorate the theme with accents that tell your guests “Thank you!”


We provide the birthday-themed printables and a sign that welcomes your guests to the table.


We provide a welcome greeting so that customers walking in know that they are walking into a party for a special guest of honor.
Invitations for the expected number of guests are available for purchase for a small additional cost .
 ultimate table decor
And finally, we provide the white table covers and one-topping pizzas unless you opt out (due to the party time), in which no reimbursement will be given.

If you choose to order more food, cupcakes, or sugar cookies for your adult guests you may.
Only perishables go home with the family of the guest of honor.

ALL other inclusions are the property of Pretend Play Party and (extras) do not go home with the family of the guest of honor.

Other add-ons that may be added to your party at small additional costs include:
Ice Cream and Spoons


We hope that you enjoy your party at Pretend Play with our new Ultimate Party Package!
Choose 2 colors, book the reservation with at least two weeks notice, and we will take care of the rest!

2016 Party Package Prices.004